10 Practical Ways To Inner Peace


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Being composed and having inner peace – these words are beautiful and what most would love to have. Some people have already found their inner peace. They remain level-headed even when they’re going through something challenging. They’re collected and can talk calmly to everyone and accept opinions and themselves.

One of the best examples of someone having inner peace is Atticus Finch from “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Even when he came across Bob Ewell, a white farmer who accused the black man he is defending, he was calm. The drunken Ewell insulted Atticus and then spit on his face. But Atticus merely pulled out a handkerchief to wipe his face and glasses clean and walked away.

In this scenario, not everyone would be able to do such a thing, and that is why Atticus is a book character. Atticus knew he didn’t have to prove anything by resorting to violence and that is all due to his inner peace.

In real life, a lot of people experience internal and external conflict. With how people tend to have a lot of things to do, they find it difficult to enjoy life and relax.  People who feel unsettled and anxious deep inside are often the ones who create drama and problems. This is because they get off in doing this in an unhealthy way. They are easily provoked, and a simple issue would turn big.

There are also people who are born level-headed. This gives them a head-start but finding inner peace is a long journey and a trait one would have to learn. Having inner peace is also making peace. Finding inner peace means you should be aware of the present. It can be difficult, but the rewards like good mental and physical health and better self-esteem are worth it. Most people want the rewards that come with peace, but to get inner peace, people must learn how to create an environment that promotes it.

Here are some steps on how to find inner peace and total soul relaxation:

Have Nothing Unresolved

When you finish things, it’s easier to feel relaxed. This is as opposed to having ideas and issues that go unresolved, which can drain your energy and drag problems on.

Surrender And Accept What Is

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Sometimes it’s better to merely stop struggling since it would help you find solutions and your creativity better. Try to detach yourself instead.

Take Full Responsibility On How You React To Others

Stop blaming other people for what you do. You decide how you behave so always go for the route of being calm and collected no matter what.

Be Aware Of Your Feelings And Of Others, As Well – Don’t Ignore It

Don’t ignore both your feelings and other people’s feelings just because they are unpleasant. Instead, try to see the reason behind it to prevent them from coming back.

Be Truthful Always

Avoid lying and instead, tell what is real and authentic. Lying will only disrupt your peace of mind.

Know The Higher Self

Know the difference between yourself, your mind, needs, past, and ego. This will help you discover and understand yourself.

Unhinge Your Adrenaline

Stressed people depend on adrenaline since it gives them the needed energy to get through the day. However, continuously depending on adrenaline can be detrimental since it ends up people overworking even when their relationships are being affected.

Know Your Annoyance Triggers

Know what makes you get annoyed. By doing this, you will be able to address the problem better and learn how to let go. Ask yourself why those things push your buttons.

Don’t Step On Anything – Small Or Big

Even the smallest imbalances can disrupt your inner peace. Don’t ignore them and instead manage them.

Peace Is A Priority Instead Of Performance, Always

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Try to see how you are living your life. Then try to see how you want to live your life. Do you want to live a rushed life with nothing but working as your memories or do you want to live a life filled with calmness, peace, and good friendships and relationships?

The thing with inner peace is that it’s not limited to you. Instead, it’s contagious. The moment you have it, there are chances it could spread to your friends and families by being a model of inner peace for them just like Atticus.

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