Reasons Why I Love My Job


Honestly, when it comes to confidence, I can say that I know I contribute a lot to the company I am working at right now. My skill sets fit perfectly with the company’s needs. But of course, the conclusion has to come from the majority of the people whom I worked with, and those in the position that hand out feedback and all. But that is not the point here. The confidence I have comes from the substantial basis of loving my job. Why? Here are my reasons.

There Is A Continuation Of Learning

I love my job because I do not feel stagnant at all. Yes, the routines are consistently the same every day. However, the tasks somehow differ, one way or another. Sometimes, I get required to work on things that I am not familiar with. Therefore, the additional effort to learn and look for ways is there. I spend time reading and studying things that I know nothing about. It is beneficial for my development because I get to understand things beyond my limitations. Also, I am sure that regardless of the small mistakes I make, there is room for change, and that what helps me improve myself as well.


IT Is Not All Bout Work

Some companies fail to realize that employees are also individuals who experience unfortunate misfortunes. Sometimes, those events are out of control, and there is nothing they can do about it. In my case, there are lots of mishaps that genuinely affect my work, such as its schedule, task deliverables, effort in communication, as well as commitments. But what makes me love my job is its ability to make exemptions. Of course, not for the sake of approved excuses. But, preferably, it is for the benefit of seeking permission and consideration for a valid reason for creating mistakes. It does not look after what I cannot do. But instead, the company focuses on the things I can contribute to the team.


The Paycheck Says It All

Honestly, one of the most advantageous things about the job I have right now is the paycheck. I would not lie about that. I get paid more than enough for my skills, and that is something that I will never trade for anything else. The company is not trying to take advantage of me at all costs because it knows my worth. Therefore, it pays me well enough. I receive bonuses whenever I complete tasks that are urgent and sometimes complicated. I love the payment method because it is smooth and convenient too. I do not experience any delays in paycheck release, and that is the best part of working with the company.

Well, these are personal reasons why I stick with my job. There are people out there that encounter the same thing as mine but still choose to quit. I will and never speak on behalf of all of them. But for my case, these bases are parts of my willingness to stay.

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