Deal With Your Anger Using These Tips – Just Calm Down And Relax



Do you have a short temper and get easily angered? Or are you too stressed, and even the tiniest issue seems like a big deal for you? Don’t let anger control you, my friend. Instead, learn how to cope and calm down. Relax and don’t let stress get to you.

With that, here are some tips in dealing with your anger fast:

Vent It Out And Don’t Let It Boil

A study done by University of Wisconsin researchers revealed that when students were told of the tuition fee increase, their brain wave patterns released an angry response. The students only calmed down when they signed a petition to hinder the imposed additional tuition fee rates. It means that creating an action, to right a wrong, can be a positive way to vent out anger.

Don’t Punch Your Pillow

It doesn’t help. Doing so will only increase your hostile feelings.

Deep Breathing Is Effective


Do you want to exercise your patience? Take three deep breaths and release your anger through the nose. Robert Nicholson, Ph.D. says that your deep breathing will help you relax internally. Your inner anger level will surely lessen by that action.

Try To Understand Why You’re Angry

It’s a practical tip. In the first place, why are you angry? Is there a good reason why you’re angry? Or could it be that you were just too stressed and you lashed out, using anger as an excuse? Identify the reason or reasons why you are angry, and from there, you can try to calm down. Avoid the anger triggers and don’t let it negatively affect you.

Don’t Lose Your Temper

Just don’t. If you lose your temper, you lose – period. You will appear the “villain” or the “bad guy” even if you have a good reason to get angry. If you lose your temper, you will tend to shout. People who scream are not viewed as nice. So, don’t lose it.

Take A Stroll

Walk your anger away. This is a helpful tip especially when your head is too clouded with emotions. Just take a stroll and get away from the source of your anger. Don’t shout. Don’t engage. Just walk away. Now, if you can’t walk away – say, you’re angry because of traffic – turn on the radio and listen to music. Better yet, sing with the song. You will feel better.

Laugh Your Anger Away

This is true. If you feel that you are getting heated up, laugh it off. Cathleen Jordan, Ph.D. said that family therapists use this technique to diffuse anger during meetings with groups and families. It cannot be denied that counseling with family members may spark some issues and things can get quickly in chaos. Doing something silly or funny will put things in a lighter mood and melt the anger lurking within the group.

Move Forward

What is bothering your mind and soul that keeps you angry all the time? Or what makes you angry easily? If you know what is causing your anger, the root source of your feelings, then, you can make changes in your life to get rid of this negative feeling. From there, you can accept or change things, and move forward.

Write A Forgiveness Letter


People we care about and love are the ones who can hurt us. It is a fact of life. With that, we get angry at the person or the situation and at times, it doesn’t get resolved, especially when romantic relationships are concerned. So, what do you do? Write these people your forgiveness letter. You don’t have to send it to them. Just write your anger in that piece of paper and let go. Writing is therapeutic and in a way, forgiving the person who hurt you will make you feel better. You are doing this for you and not for them.

There are just some of the tips on calming down and evading your angry self from coming out.

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